With the rapid growth of technologies, our economic society and life are changing significantly in the 21st century. The way to capture competitive advantage has become the most important issue for enterprises in the rapidly changing and uncertain business environments. Many researches have pointed out that the adoption of technology is the most important tool for enterprises to keep their competitive advantage. The survival of an enterprise in the age of knowledge-based economy depends on how to improve their technological capability.

In this sense, firms should develop adequate methodologies, to adopt, in a successful way, new technologies in the logistics filed, and to integrate logistics into the corporate strategy for becoming even more competitive.

CLASCMA helps growing number of firms which are under pressure from their partners to change their traditional management style, both operationally and organizationally, replacing them with integrated systems that help increase the speed and fluidity of physical and information flows. To reach this kind of integration, the logistics companies are investing on new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) such as the devices or infrastructures to make more efficient the communications of business information among organizations.

Being so, the CLASCMA helps organisations and aims:

(i) to conduct an evaluation/effectiveness analysis of current business processes at the organisation and highlight the gaps, importance of improvisation of the business processes, ICT on logistics; and (ii) to define strategies and roadmap for an effective ICT implementation on the firms’ competitiveness.

CLASCMA helps to create a conceptual model for the adoption of Logistics’ ICT, by taking into consideration of four determinant factors: individual, organizational, technological or innovation, and environmental. The interaction established between the referred determinant factors may be identified through the computation of the predominant factor, by using a selected set of adequate indicators and a simple geometry methodology. These procedures may provide the identification of the sources of firms’ competitive advantages that adopt Logistics’ ICT. The Logistics’ ICT analysed by CLASCMA are grouped into four types, such as, the identification, the data communications and the data acquisition technologies.

CLASCMA has developed many ICT products and standardised business processes which are found in this section are implemented at logistics or supply chain firm either as a ready-made solution or a tailor-made solution.


OBiz turns Outlook into a professional practice management tool.

OBiz organizes your Outlook email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes per your client files or projects.

Simply and easily.

It organizes your documents, phone calls, billable time, expenses, research and any other information you want to track in the same client files. All within your familiar Outlook.

The result? You can provide better client service, track more billable time and are much better organized. All of which helps you be more on top of your practice and sleep better at night.


EBiz is a fully featured ERP system designed especially for Logistics and Supply Chain firms which are Small, Medium or Large business enterprises. EBiz covers a wide range of features including Accounting, CRM, Inventory management, Selling, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Projects, HR & Payroll, Website, E-Commerce and much more.

EBiz is based on the Enterprise Framework is highly customizable and extendable. You can create Custom Form, Fields, Scripts and can also create your own Apps to extend EBiz functionality.


Retail Trade Biz Solution is helping retailers and vendors communicate more effectively, providing the tools and technology to streamline complex interactions and automate even the most demanding supplier.



CLASCMA offers integrated enterprise logistics ERP solutions, retail trading solutions, and many more process improvement for efficiency and productivity for industries in association with DBiz.

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