To establish Benchmark and Standards in bringing about the Best-in-Class practices in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Asia by bringing together the industry through constant participation in research and development and seminars and workshops.


  • To promote the right practices of Logistics and Supply Chain Management that is suited to the ASIAN cultural and business environment through consultations with practitioners and industry
  • To establish industry Standards and Benchmarking through the establishment of a professional committee within its membership and promote the interest of the Society in acquiring the knowledge and skills in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • To conduct relevant qualification programs ranging from certificate to Post Graduate in the upgrading and the maintenance of Standards in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • To confer on members, designations and titles of accomplishment that would distinguish them as qualified practitioners who conform and meet the Standards of the Industry in their profession
  • To provide opportunities for members of the Confederation to meet one another and to network through social, cultural, sports and recreational activities
  • To establish the organisation as a Regional Centre for ASIA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • The Society may provide facilities for the conduct of Continuing Education and Facilities for recreational activities.
  • To provide Consulting and Placement Services in Human Resource, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management to corporate as well as individual members for a fee for service
  • To be an Accreditation Body for Logistics and Supply Chain Management activities.
  • To provide affiliation for ASIAN Countries membership