velanpodiumWelcome to CLASCMA!

I am extremely honored and pleased to accept the duties as President of CLASCMA. I hold a special place for CLASCMA in my scientific heart. In preparation for my presidency, I can develop it much faster than ever due to Internet and emerging technologies and with rich experience in offering ICT and software solutions for the logistics, supply chain, retail, banking, telecom, hotel, industries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, UK, US, Hong Kong and India, and Public Sector Statutory Boards and Ministries.

There are ongoing trends in publication business, organization of conferences and exhibitions, content distributions, knowledge access, education, membership models societies, strategic or temporal partnering with other societies or groups, field of standards, and in the knowledge management. I intend to develop strategies for membership drive through subcommittee for Regions and Chapters.

It is extremely important to expand our leading position with respect to device conferences. Chapters are vital to the overall success of our Society’s membership. We must provide the necessary assistance to our Chapters to actively provide knowledge base online lifelong learning in Supply Chain and its related industries required training and organizations, especially to SME.