Capt. Paul Maung Maung Latt, BA. Master Mariner ( F.G.) MNI, is Serving as Shipping and Logistics advisor and consultant for Ocean and Orient Shipping Co Ltd. as Country Representative for APL, AET, APEX, Dockendale, UOSM shipping companies. Also, advisor for Thacos Maritime Co.Ltd.

Lecturing for in house training for safety at sea and security awareness. He also played role in Logistics consultant for INGO’s, Sr. Logistics coordinator for United Nations/World Food Program (Afghanistan, Khartoum-SUDAN, Cambodia, Freetown/Sierra Leone, Monrovia / Liberia)

He has instituted the most adequate mechanism for tendering transport rates (RFO) and contracting System; ensured adequate short listing of all potential transporters; worked closely with local transport committees in order to ensure accuracy, transparency and timely processing of all RFOs; monitored and revised rates to ensure landside transport storage and handling (LTSH) rates were kept in accordance with prevailing costs; regulated exercise on evaluating cost components of LTSH matrix; devised a system for LTSH fund management and timely payments of all vendors.

He has served as Master onboard for M.V.Sapai Pure Bulk Carrier, and as Chief Officer for M.V. Wien Pure Container Vessel.

Implemented logistics standards at Logistics Units in accordance with guidelines set by Office of Transportation (OT). Introduced Landside Transport Instructions (LTI), ensuring timely implementation of decisions / directions issued / taken at Logistics meeting and by OT.

During Post 911 Afghanistan emergency, played a key role in coordinating the delivery of food commodities (300,000 metric tons) inside Afghanistan utilizing Iranian, Pakistani, Riga and Turkmenabad corridor. Made special arrangements with transporters, suppliers and governmental authorities to enhance the smooth transitional capacity of all Logistics Hubs located outside Afghanistan.